The Legend of Lochlinlea

An A-maze-ing Adventure

Visiting the mazes of Minotaurus.

In a fit of what can only be deemed madness Uriah has undertaken the quest to turn Tew into a god.

The group made their way to Fellhaven and from their to the temple of Minotaurus. They have been having an a-maze-ing time trying to find the clerics that hold the key to the additional maze which they are presently trouping about.

Gumba managed to successfully teleport the airship with his mad skills twice.

As they entered the maze they encountered a basilisk. One of the basilisks is plane shifted to Mechanus. I’m sure that’ll not be a problem later…

They fought a mimic and found the fallen prince and one of his allies. They are able to recover his sword and a journal where he has begun to map the maze. They also have found an iroun flask.

And in the end some minotaurs died the drabbit made a roucous and some boxes cried.

They killed the minotarus. Arnold had some terrible trouble with his hammers.


Uriah is quite sane, he just sees an opportunity that is to hard to pass up.

An A-maze-ing Adventure

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