The Legend of Lochlinlea

Clash of the Titans

Sometimes catching up is important...

The Heros of Lochlinlea battled a bastion of naga. They were able to succeed at the destruction of the creatures thanks to the Sky King’s charming spells which they used to turn one of the forlorn creatures into a battering ram. After knocking the creature senseless they decided to have a chat with it to see if it could tell them what they had been put in place to guard. Sadly, after so much head trauma the creature was not a brilliant conversationalist and so was not able to discuss such things.

They discovered a box and decided to play with it. Ann, ever on her toes, swings her saber at one of the gems on the box causing it to be lost to oblivion. Sky decided that touching the box might be the better choice and is nearly disintegrated…again, but fortunately he has a wish in reserve and saved himself from another unfortunate death this day.

Next Sky decided that he was displeased with the decorations of the room and made an effort to tear down the drapery. These, however, had been ensorcelled to attack people with no sense of interior design and they quickly did a great deal of damage to Ann, she was able to excape. Not sure what to do next, the group began to study the tone pillar in the room. They larned that an evil entity had been bound to the obilisk and that it was the cause of the large quantity of disintegrate spells still in effect on the column. Ann, still not weary from all of the terrible things that had thus far afflicted them in this room boldly opened the door, was struck by naga poison, and died.

uriah shattered the door with his hammer and Lord Fellwind commanded the skeletons in the room to depart, this actually worked surprisingly well.

Bahamalor ressurected Anna and sent her back as the group began to make their way down the gall toward a door at the far end of the room. There they found a coffin that, according to Lord Fellwind and his x-ray ring, contained a young girl in nearly perfect form. She appeared to be the daughter of Vecna.

Finally, beginning to think like adventurers, the group began to use holy water on the evil items in the room and discovered a gem that seemed to be unaffected. When they shattered the gem the disintegrate magic went with it and Sky was able to obtain a phylactery from a tubular opening below the obelist. They then attempt to dig their way out of the tomb, but discover that it is surrounded by a great warmth. They also manage to destroy the phylactery, but only after many days have passed.

They find the summoning circle after pushing aside Vecna’s coffin. After getting nearly disintegrated they find the tools to summon Baal Hadad.

They summon Gruel. They decide to wait for him to return (seven days) and/or to attempt to summon them to his realm.

They bring back Gruel – he has only been gone for a day and a half. It would take him 5 weeks to walk. Sky writes some teleport scrolls and they send Gruel home. They then wait longer. they spend about four weeks in waiting and other things in the tomb.

The drabbit decides to leave by digging through the lava. The daughter of Vecna is released and she is going to restore Vecna and give her the hand and eye which she has not had for a million years.

Sky goes to the temple of Bahamut after charming one of Bahamut’s paritioners into giving him free cloths. There he meets a girl cleric who tells him that the only way to release the daughter of Vecna would be to let the lava into the tomb (which he has already done).

Sky meets with Bahamalor after some prayer – he then pleads selflessly to be returned to the tomb. Bahamalor consents. Sky takes down the forcefield as Vecna is summoned.


Vecna gets her stuff back – Uriah begs to be sent back – Vecna agrees, but only if they wait while they finish their work. Anna and Sky continue the assault. The bunny gets disintegrated…again…And so does Anna…and Lord Fellwind…

Uriah gives Vecna the sword – Righteousness.

They go to Tyner. Uriah pays to have the lot ressurected and goes to buy a lab and some poisons.

Uriah plots to poison Gumba.

They go to the meeting room.

Gumba dies and they dump him in the sea. Sampson eats Gumba and they shoot poison ballista bolts at him. Sampson the Whale…dies :(

For some unexplicable reason they go to see Bahamalor. Anna converts to his religion…

Uriah attacked Bahamalor and kills him with his sword. They attack Uriah and he teleports away. Vecna gives him a new face and sends him back.

The others go to see Bahamut. He suggests that they ask Chrorus for the device that will allow for the ressurection of a deity. They go. Anna gives up her mount in order to get a copy of Righteousness and Sky gives up his deific spark in order to get the Lazarus machine. They bring back Bahamut who puts his holy symbol on the ship. There is a field that paints evil red and uses some magic to stop the evil (often disintegrate).

As they prepare to depart they learn of a man who is looking for work. They talk with Uriah and ask him many behavioral based interview quesions :(

Tell me about a time that you displayed leadership abilities. He tells them about the time that he saved a group who was outmatched by a creature and attacked them any way. He tells them also that his name is Darrius.

:( Do you like cake? No, that’s not it. The actions that we do tend to be dangerous and deadly. Are you willing to give up your life? Darrius (Uriah) agrees to be part of this. Off we go to conquer evil and do good deeds. They accept him on a trial basis and place him in bunk C4.

Just then Mortimer (Steve’s old Character arrives) with a clap of thunder and some lightning with Bahamalor’s blood still dripping on the blade.


They kill pseudo Uriah.

They find a magic box with five dials and letters that are controlled by the dials.

What runs but never walks – has a face but never talks.

Anna, changing the dials to read clock, gets a white gear.

Suddenly the sky goes dark.

The floating city appears….the wizard gives over the deed and tells them that they filled the city with anomolies. The drabbits holy symbol is a flaming carrot with wings. He dubs the city Nova Tauri.

They send the scribe to try to find a bard to help populate the city.

Anna gets a fancy clockroach.

They start to populate the ship and meet Brace (which is synonymous with Two). They get about 50 people from Tyner.

They go get more people. Two recruit followers – they have some trouble with the church of tew

Tew tells Uriah to find the one that Sky loves and help him corrupt him so that they can try to take over the city and turn it into a “Death Star”

Uriah grafitis the city. “I am the law”

They go to Tyner with the people who were having the Tew meeting – The Bahamut people want there to be a temple of Bahamut and Bahamalor on Nova Tauri. Sky disagrees and attempts to avoid that. Bahamalor shows up and sends the clerics to Nova Tauri – He gives Brandon a device to communicate with sky.

They were all teleported to the meeting room – not sure how they got there. They are over the village of Starry Oak.


Anna got a button wand (which changes the shape of her mount)
Lord Fellwind got a harness (for a bat, but Janis thinks it’s a Dragon)
Sky got a box that says “Open when you give up” it has a mash in it.
Uriah has a box with a not that says open when you surrender. He threw it over the ledge and it broke open.

Lord Fellwind summoned The Sky King.

Uriah’s box contains a man named Seamus – they confront Uriah as he wants to find the Destroyer (Tew) – Uriah had to use his sword to get away and wound up on Connecticoot in Darrius’s Tower. He told Darrius where he was from and Darrius made a portal which he followed Steve through.

Uriah tells Seamus of Tew. Lord Fellwind touches himself.

There is a problem with some water and the paladin getting eaten and smited by acid and finding their way back before they teleport again and this time arrive next to Steve as Xinth and Caden arrive.

After some conflict, during which they are able to frighten Xinth away, they nearly arrest Caden, but Sky feels that he is some sort of abomination and so decides to drop him from a terribly great height.

They return to the city and complete some shoping and finally return to being all back together.



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