The Legend of Lochlinlea

Heroic heroes?

Maybe they'll get back on track this time...

Edwardo proved to be an easy slay. Fortunately the Drabbit recalled, from his time with Tew, that vampires aren’t really dead if they can make it back to their coffin. The Drabbit gave chase while the rest of the party stayed behind to put an end to the many bats that the undead fiend had summoned. The Drabbit was able to follow the vampire back to his coffin and even to disintegrate the thing which surely meant the end of the vampire, right?

The Drabbit was vexed by a shiny golden ball that remained behind after the coffin was destroyed. Having learned his lesson about opening coffins (does disintegrating a coffin to get out what’s inside count?) he decided that destroying the object rather than opening it would be a better idea. He attempted to disintegrate the ball, but the devices magical reflective properties returned the spell to the bunny. Sadly, he was not able to withstand his own magic (I mean that’s really pretty sad) and he joined Gruel as a pile of dust.

Saddened by the absence of their bunny like mascot Lord Fellwind decided to pay a visit to Bahamalor to attempt to locate their missing comrades. Bahamalor made Lord Fellwind quite angry, but in the end he was able to learn that the Drabbit had died. They were able to negotiate his resurrection at the hands of the son of the Platinum Prince (probably to the poor bunny’s chagrin).

Mortimer, the random bard crewman, decided that he would attempt to track down the Drabbit using a portion of the clay that he found in the bunny’s room. This method proved interesting as the group traveled to the lands of Garumor where they again encountered Father Fellfire. They had decided that he wasn’t important when they suddenly remembered that they had seen the priest once before and quickly returned to him.

Lord Fellwind and the Drabbit hire a scribe, a nice fellow named Minsk Fondreavon and they attempt to help a dwarf in the city to remove an axe from a block of ice. Sadly their efforts are not successful so the Drabbit heads off to have Gruel resurrected. Arthes Kren is restored!

Our heroes, with their random luck, learn of a weapon, a sword called Righteousness. When they attempt to acquire the sword they meet some resistance from the other heroes bard. As a result of an effort to locate the heroes from another realm they arrive just as the king of those lands has been slain and meet a wizard who attempts to banish all of them back to Lochlinlea. He is mostly successful except that Mortimer is left behind.

Mortimer is uninterested in dealing with the heroes and so returns to Father Fellfire to attempt to talk him out of the sword. He is able to collect the weapon at the cost of a few platinum pieces and with promises to return the blade when they have finished their work. He also learns that Bahamalor has an amulet capable of corrupting the blade into an evil form.

Anold, frightened by a beetle sent by his god to help him, attempts to smash the beetle. This, however, only results in the destruction of his hammer.

At last they open the golden ball that the drabbit located in the vampire’s coffin and discover a red gem fragment glistening with magical power.

Mortimer traveled to Beldan to attempt to learn more about the sword and found Xinth in the process of removing the books that he had plans to read on his own. Fortunately for Mort the rest of his friends chose that moment to teleport to his location and saved him from facing the lich alone.

They seem to kill Xinth, thank goodness for the Drabbit’s vast knowledge of undead which keeps them informed that the undead master of undead is probably far from dead thanks to the existence of his phylactery.

Here, because another good spot didn’t really present itself, we’ll take a moment to mention that through all of this, the Drabbit has been taking steps to ensure his god status – even going so far as to suggest that he’s already a god. That might have done well if he hadn’t died to that disintegrate spell and needed his brother’s help (good thing he’s an actual god).

Tired of the lich’s taunts they attempt to locate him (at last!), but have trouble doing so through the use of scry magic. Sure that there’s a better way, they purchase a ring of three wishes and spend an evening preparing for the battle that is likely to ensue. When they wake up they enhance their abilities with magic, purchase the necessary weapons and the Drabbit makes an interesting wish.

“I wish for Sky King Star, Arthes Kren, Minsk Fondreven, Arnold Swarz, Lord Samuel Fellwind and Mortimer the Bard to all be in the same room as they phylactery…



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