The Legend of Lochlinlea

If We Do Not Learn From the Past...

A Tale of two brothers

Ever the heroes of the realm the saviors of Lochlinlea seek to vanquish the fellow they know as “Granan” with the use of the cleric’s plane shift magic. Their plot is foiled when they learn that the man is incapable of being shifted away from their presence. They decide, upon learning that Granan is incapable of speaking the name of his home plane (let alone his own name), that he can come along with them. There was some question as to Granan’s ability to vote in important matters, but by vote (in which Granan is not allowed to participate) they decide that he should not have a say in the groups decisions.

During all of this Uriah continued his quest to become wealthy through the use of the Tyner bell and acquired clay to produce ingot with “In Uriah We Trust” and “I am the law” engraved on their surface.

Having nothing better to do Sky and Thunderbolt travel back to see Princess Nadia. They are dismayed to learn that she might know Rule of Three, but they discover that she is not evil and preparing an attack on an evil wizard that has plagued her kingdom for many years. She is certain that the heroes of Lochlinlea are not prepared for a conflict with the mage and urges them to avoid involvement.

There is nearly a fishing adventure, but Thunderbolt decides not to display his vast fishing skills in such a way that might make his traveling companions feel jelousy.

They decide that they might, perhaps, be able to find the information that they require in Sigil and so, with Thunderbolt’s help, plane shift to Ygdrisl. They find themselves at the bottom of the great tree and are quickly attacked by a massive fourty foot Naga.

They are able to dispatch the Naga, but a new Naga tears it’s way from the inside of the creature and Sky, in the form of a flesh burrowing might learns that the inside of the Naga’s stomach is filled with thousands of small Naga that will likely replace the outer shell if it is destroyed.

They convince the squirrel denizens of Ygdrisil to show them the way to the portal of Sigil and at the moment that they are about to travel through the gate realize that they have made a terrible mistake. They will have to deal with the loan sharks and Rule of Three if they travel through this door and that is something that they are just not willing to do.

They return to Lochlinea and are at a floating city that they’ve not seen before (This is Baril). They meet the priests of Pelor and hear about the temple of Bahamalor – The high priest of Pelor holds council in this city. They meet bahamlor and he tells the bunny that there are two tests.

Bahamalor gives him a holy symbol after some cryptic conversations. Our heroes now rest in Baril and consider their next move as their airship is presently moored on another continent.



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