The Legend of Lochlinlea

Lich Hunters...

Wishes can come true...

The drabbit’s wish was successful, and everyone…even Mortimer the Bard…arrived at the location of the Phylactery. Oh Phylactery – the palace of the Lich king in Marne is nice this time of year. Sadly the real Mortimer the Bard is not really up for this kind of adventure any more…he’s so old. What’s Uriah going to do now?!

They meet Anna the Asimar. And set out to find the Phylactery.

They leave the room with the phylactery and go down the hall way. They find a large sleeping chamber. There seems to be someone in the bed. They examine the corpse and find a magical ring. They sack the magical ring. They also find a holy symbol of Boccob.

In the next room they find a hooka and a book that are magical. The book is the Necronomicon. The hooka causes a fire ball that upsets Mortimer the real.

The door on the other side of the hallway contains a grand ball room with a massive piano and a delightful golden chandalier. They find a phylactery in one of the chandaliers. Anna destroyes the phylaqctery with her holy sword. The phylactery is, of course, not the correct device.

They find some magical stairs that seem to be all trapped. The gnat comes out of the door at the top of the stairs and finds a throne room with a lich who instantly detects the life in the room. He begins to approach. The bunny teleports he and his buddies into the throne room and finds that the lich is going down the stairs he gives chase and fire strikes the lich.

They begin chatting with the Lich and then realize that they should probably kill him. The bunny is disintegrated again.

Uriah talks with Bahamalor briefly and mentions that Sky might need his help. Bahamalor watches the battle and resurrects the bunny. The bunny teleports he and Uriah back to the Lich’s castle and gets disintegrated again leaving Steve and Mortimer to face the Lich.

Uriah slays the lich with Righteousness and his alignment takes a step closer to good. They search the room fiercely and do not find the phylactery.

They attempt to open a hidden door in the room that they were first in. They take the box out of the wall.

Lord Fellwind got banished back to Hades. Hades scowls and yells at him a lot before he send them back.

Anna wakes to find herself in the hands of Lilith the vampire mistress.

Sky opens the box as a rock golem and the phylactery falls to the floor. Sky promptly trollops on the phylactery and there is a great explosion. They take quite a lot of damage and the lich king seems to be dead.

They return to the airship and after a talk with Bahamalor they discover that he still has the Bane amulet. Brandon gets a device to allow him to avoid being vanished.

They all return again and go back to the meeting room. The drabbit decided that making another wish was the best idea.

“I wish that everyone that is presently in this room would now be in the room of xinth’s phylactery.”

They arrive in a room with a massive slithering green form.



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