The Legend of Lochlinlea

Meeting with Bahamalor

Good thing the drabbit is already green...

Sky enjoyed some time spent with his brother Bahamalor. He was rather jeleous. "Granan"’s identity was finaly unearthed by the bunny and he began his mad quest to help the drabbit back to his former ways.

Granan learned of Bahamalor’s sadness at Sky’s jelousy. He also learned that there was nothing of worth at the temple of Bahamalor.

Sky is interested in ressurection. He wants to ressurect Sampson, but learns that they have to be on Sigil in order to do so if they want him to be in Sigil. The can collect some of Sampson from the bow of the ship with which they killed him.

The drabbit messed with the Bard’s dragon steak dinner to make it taste like death and or moose poop.

There is another attempt to give Tew voting powers.

The rabbit teleports them to the arctic because he missed the cold (or possibly because his teleportation magic misfired).

Steve made a hut and wouldn’t let any one else in with him.

The rabbit failed again and they found themselves on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

They are on the ship belonging to the Royal Navy of Elbysry. They still don’t know what evil is. They have trouble understanding the concept.

The drabbit helps them complete their map. Their curiosity may be a problem for them.

They scrape Sampson off of the boat, at last. They realize that the cleric is not ready to cast the spell as he has not memorized it. He remembered to get diamond. They then realize that he is an outsider and must be ressurected on Sigil itself. They get some Bahamut cleric to ressurect the whale for 10,000 gp.

They unleash Sampson on Lochlinlea and Uriah smelted more gold.

Tew and Uriah begin to plot how to steal more golden statues from the castle in Tyner.

Thunderbolt told Corellian Lotharian’s priest about evil deities.

The drabbit prays to Bahamut for guidance but gets no answer.

They tell the Bahamut priests abotu Tew and Loth.

Uriah dresses up as a blacksmith and goes to the castle. The guards ask for 600 axes and 200 swords. Sir Osric is the captain of the guard. Steve cases the joint.

The rabbit is unhappy with his visit to Mt Celestia.

Uriah prepares for the castle caper.

The sewer is protected by Abjuration, Conjuration and Transmutation Magic.

Tew and Thunderbolt debate his goodness and then they go to Mt. Olympus. They chat with Zeus. Thunderbolt wants to find Ambrosia.

Zues suggests using the river styx or hades to kill Nerull.

Steve and Tew Kill the Gnome

Brandon is memorizing scry and they want to chase down Xinth…



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