The Legend of Lochlinlea

The End of the Dragon Master

At last some evil is done in...

Arnold began his quest to be a good fellow. And then he entered the Temple of Tew and started to learn of the ways of Tew. This, did not seem like a good idea and so took Arnold to learn of Bahamut (with a little bending of the truth – and a miacle to make him forget the words of Tew – to make Bahamut into a pirate deity Arnold was swayed).

Many of them were given Tewtorials and holy symbols. They learn of missionaries building temples in other cities and that an arm of the Tewtonic knights is active here in this city and of a being named Kauris who Tew would like to visit to be turned into a god.

They venture to another temple of Tew where they meet Vincent Kain, a high priest of Tew. Then they light out for the floating castle of Profian. With the help of an old wizard they are able to locate his floating castle and commence the infiltration. They do a good job until they are discovered by the guards and the alarm is raised alerting the rest of the castle to their arrival.

The fight is difficult and the dragons are summoned but in the end they succeed (even though the Drabbit briefly existed in a form of stoned that Gumba could only dream of) and were able to loot the castle before it began to fall from the sky. As the castle was about to crash they returned to the airship to plot their next attack…

Things on the Agenda according to the Drabbit:
1) Some things that are not my fault happened. We need to fix these things. It really wasn’t my fault.
2) There was the dude in the coffin in the arctic – Xinth.
3) The god in the necropolis place – We have 2 years left until he can bother us – Nerull.
4) Eduardo was a vampire let out of the coffin in Marne
5) Palandralaar
5.5) Profian let of the coffin to save Gruel.
6) Sampson the Whale
7) Evil robot Santa
8) The entire undead city without the god
9) The undead city with the god.
10) That other lich we found in Castle Lianess – Darinus



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