The Legend of Lochlinlea

The Rise of Tew

Because we're not quite evil enough...

The Drabbit in Minotaur form performed a headbut on the heiroglyph covered door causing lightning to issue forth killing Gumba instantly.

The manage to open the door by only setting off the trap one more time and find a trapped room filled with treasure.

Thunderbolt set off a gas trap and the rabbit nearly started him on fire as he attempted to burn away the gas.

They find a mummy and bring him Drizzt to the treasure chamber.

Sky unleashed the vampire and the prince proved that he was “heart-y” by taking an electrified spike to the heart – they continuously healed him until it was over and he collected a powerful magic hammer of spell absorption which Sean coveted.

They gathered much treasure.

Sky gets Gruel back and releases Profian and Palendralar into the world.

Bahamalor tells the others about Sky’s treachery.

Sky dresses up Gruel.

They have a confrontation on the ship. They then gate the ship to celestia with no way to get back.

Bahamut gives Gruel the ability to speak and tells them to break Profian’s staff, stop Palendralaar before he becomes a lich and kill Xinth.

There is a new tower in the city of Tyner when they return indicating the passage of some time. One year has passed.

Gumba teleports them to Minotauris where they find a black onyx made temple with the holy symbol of Tew upon it.

Thunderbolt attacks Uriah
Colter – 20
Tew – 16
Brandon – 14
Steve – 14

Tew teleports them away to the ground. Sky and Thunderbolt have an altercation and Thunderbolt leaves in a fit of anger to wander Celestia.

They begin to explore the temple of Tew.



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