The Legend of Lochlinlea

We Built This City....

Those are words that I could go without hearing for a long, long time.

Having successfully destroyed the evil overlord of Mechanus the so called “Heroes of Lochlinlea” decide that their time would best be spent engaged in more administrative tasks. They took great pains to mine the golden city that the robot had constructed through the long time collection of his ridiculous fines and, their lust for wealth sated for a time, they returned to Lochlinlea to engage the services of a group of crafty wizards with the goal of constructing a floating city to rival that of Bahamalor’s.

There is some hope, I suppose, that our heroes would continue to do their duty. Not long after their arrival the heroes learned that their former traveling companion Princess Nadia had been kidnapped and they made haste to return to Tyner to effect her rescue once more. The group’s wizard, not one to waste time with identify spells quickly lit a series of candles left behind by the man whom the king assumes is responsible for the princess’s disappearance. Luckily it wasn’t anything too terrible that he summoned. Wait, no, that last sentence was wrong, he found himself face to face with Vecna. Sadly the deity, unable to break the pact put in place by The Architect was only able to leave behind an avatar in the form of Nathanial Drinn, an old acquaintance of the Drabbit (it’s it nice how these things always seem to work out?).

They learned that Nadia had been taken by The Prophet to the prison plane of Carseri and made plans to travel there. When they arrived they met the seemingly kind Father Fellfire and a group of adventurers who traveled with him and were able to procure the unconscious form of the princess whom Father Fellfire had borrowed to persuade Carseri’s ruler to aide them in their own heroic quest.

When they returned they decided that perhaps they should make some plans before they continued to take random actions. They made their way to the airships state of the art meeting facility to find the vampire Edwardo calmly waiting for them. This, however, was clearly a pleasure visit for the vampire came bearing gifts which Gruel happily accepted.

When I said pleasure a moment ago I was only misleading you so that the next part would be slightly more dramatic. Upon opening the box a sickening green light struck Gruel and rendered him into the ashes that we all patiently await to become familiar with. Yeah…he died…again….It’s sad really….



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