Thunderbolt Stormfist

Cleric Level 9 / Half-Celestial Human / Chaotic Good / Diety: Zeus / Medium / 16 yrs old / Male / 6'2" / 225 lbs / Sparkling Eyes / Golden Hair / Golden Skin


STR 21
DEX 21
CON 21
INT 16
WIS 20
CHA 18

AC 17
HP 109

Saving Throws:
REF 10

Special Abilities:
Cast Light at will (same as the spell).
Low Light Vision.
Immune to acid, cold, disease, and electricity.
+4 Fortitude save against poison.
+1 AC Natural Armor.
+6 Diplomacy (gained from a Deck of Many Things).
Protection From Evil 3/Day; Bless 1/Day; Aid 1/Day; Detect Evil 1/Day; Cure Serious Wounds 1/Day;
Neutralize Poison 1/Day; Holy Smite 1/Day; Remove Disease 1/Day; Dispel Evil 1/Day.

Feats: Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Persuasive

Magic Equipment:
Circlet Of Persuassion
Bag of Holding
+2 Shocking Shortspear


Thunderbolt Stormfist is a glorious and wonderful being, comely and delightful to the senses (as are all Half-Celestials). He is also a noble and compassionate being, with ties to both the realms of mortals and the realm of the immortals; yet he does not truly belong to either. He was born on the plane of Lochlinlea to a human mother and celestial father (a favored servant of Zeus). He was raised at the temple of Zeus in city of Beldan, trained to be the high priest of Zeus on this world.

He enjoyed living in a world without evil, he felt at peace there; but now that golden age has ended with the arrival of the Half-Orc Wizard Xerith Narinth. He was truly horrified when Xerith slaughtered innocents he labeled monsters, just because they were different than him.

When he was released from the magic flask (which he and his companions are cursed to enter on occasion) he awoke to a world radically different than the one he was used too. A world of sin and depravity, in which all but his and Sky King Star’s memories had been altered, where the age of innocence had been forgotten. Most disturbing is the radical change in the Bard Uriah Allistir Heap who has taken to sin as easily as duck to water; something will half to be done about that. Thunderbolt feels lost in this brave new world, but he is champion of Zeus and will do his duty. He will bring the light and word of Zeus into Lochlinlea, balance will be restored between good and evil.

Thunderbolt Stormfist

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