Uriah Allistir Heap

Male; age 23; average height; medium build; green eyes; black hair; short black mustache


Race: Half-Elf/Half-Abyssal
Class: Bard/Virtuoso Lvl: 13
Str: 16 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int: 16 Wis: 16 Cha: 22

AC: 14
REF: 10
WILL: 15

Favored Weapon: Masterwork Rapier
Other Weapons: Knife and Staff

Prized possession: A lost pipe of the sewers
Feats:Greater Fortitude, Iron Will, Weapon Finesse-Rapier, Extend Spell, Spell Focus(enchantments)


Uriah Allistir Heap was born out of wedlock to Felicity Heap and Tremillon Silversong. Tremillon was an ambassador from a nearby elven kingdom who was assigend to Beldan. He fell in love with the beautiful but naive Felicity Heap. She soon found herself with child and Tremilon soon after was nowhere to be found in Beldan. His diplomatic business was finished and he had secretly traveled back to the nearby Elven kingdom. Uriah grew up without a father and left his mother’s house at the age of fourteen.

Uriah lived on the streets and eventually met an old man who told stories, performed tricks, and played a horn. The old man was a bard named Laren, nicknamed the Hornblower. Laren told many stories and taught young Uriah to appreciate music. Uriah learned to play the flute from the old bard who no longer adventured. Over several years Uriah blossomed into a skillful musician. Even learning the trade of crafting muscial instruments. By the age of nineteen with Larens help, Uriah built a masterpiece flute from citron wood, bronze, gold and silver.

Uriah growing tired of life in Beldan decides it is time to move on to something better. Uriah was ready for life of adventure, to be able to tell stories and chronicle the lives of brave warriors and eccentric wizards. However, Uriah has a flaw in that he is skeptical of most things and people, as evidenced by his first meeting of Sky King Star. While adventuring Uriah has developed a taste for notoriety. Whether it is a flashy performance at a Pub or an adrenaline pumping hiest of rare items.

Uriah recently experienced death and has been resurrected/reincarnated as a half elf half abyssal. Uriah feels quite impowered but a bit confused as to what actions to take in his new form. Watch out Lochlinlea Uriah is on the prowl.

Uriah Allistir Heap

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