The Legend of Lochlinlea

Lich Hunters...
Wishes can come true...

The drabbit’s wish was successful, and everyone…even Mortimer the Bard…arrived at the location of the Phylactery. Oh Phylactery – the palace of the Lich king in Marne is nice this time of year. Sadly the real Mortimer the Bard is not really up for this kind of adventure any more…he’s so old. What’s Uriah going to do now?!

They meet Anna the Asimar. And set out to find the Phylactery.

They leave the room with the phylactery and go down the hall way. They find a large sleeping chamber. There seems to be someone in the bed. They examine the corpse and find a magical ring. They sack the magical ring. They also find a holy symbol of Boccob.

In the next room they find a hooka and a book that are magical. The book is the Necronomicon. The hooka causes a fire ball that upsets Mortimer the real.

The door on the other side of the hallway contains a grand ball room with a massive piano and a delightful golden chandalier. They find a phylactery in one of the chandaliers. Anna destroyes the phylaqctery with her holy sword. The phylactery is, of course, not the correct device.

They find some magical stairs that seem to be all trapped. The gnat comes out of the door at the top of the stairs and finds a throne room with a lich who instantly detects the life in the room. He begins to approach. The bunny teleports he and his buddies into the throne room and finds that the lich is going down the stairs he gives chase and fire strikes the lich.

They begin chatting with the Lich and then realize that they should probably kill him. The bunny is disintegrated again.

Uriah talks with Bahamalor briefly and mentions that Sky might need his help. Bahamalor watches the battle and resurrects the bunny. The bunny teleports he and Uriah back to the Lich’s castle and gets disintegrated again leaving Steve and Mortimer to face the Lich.

Uriah slays the lich with Righteousness and his alignment takes a step closer to good. They search the room fiercely and do not find the phylactery.

They attempt to open a hidden door in the room that they were first in. They take the box out of the wall.

Lord Fellwind got banished back to Hades. Hades scowls and yells at him a lot before he send them back.

Anna wakes to find herself in the hands of Lilith the vampire mistress.

Sky opens the box as a rock golem and the phylactery falls to the floor. Sky promptly trollops on the phylactery and there is a great explosion. They take quite a lot of damage and the lich king seems to be dead.

They return to the airship and after a talk with Bahamalor they discover that he still has the Bane amulet. Brandon gets a device to allow him to avoid being vanished.

They all return again and go back to the meeting room. The drabbit decided that making another wish was the best idea.

“I wish that everyone that is presently in this room would now be in the room of xinth’s phylactery.”

They arrive in a room with a massive slithering green form.

Heroic heroes?
Maybe they'll get back on track this time...

Edwardo proved to be an easy slay. Fortunately the Drabbit recalled, from his time with Tew, that vampires aren’t really dead if they can make it back to their coffin. The Drabbit gave chase while the rest of the party stayed behind to put an end to the many bats that the undead fiend had summoned. The Drabbit was able to follow the vampire back to his coffin and even to disintegrate the thing which surely meant the end of the vampire, right?

The Drabbit was vexed by a shiny golden ball that remained behind after the coffin was destroyed. Having learned his lesson about opening coffins (does disintegrating a coffin to get out what’s inside count?) he decided that destroying the object rather than opening it would be a better idea. He attempted to disintegrate the ball, but the devices magical reflective properties returned the spell to the bunny. Sadly, he was not able to withstand his own magic (I mean that’s really pretty sad) and he joined Gruel as a pile of dust.

Saddened by the absence of their bunny like mascot Lord Fellwind decided to pay a visit to Bahamalor to attempt to locate their missing comrades. Bahamalor made Lord Fellwind quite angry, but in the end he was able to learn that the Drabbit had died. They were able to negotiate his resurrection at the hands of the son of the Platinum Prince (probably to the poor bunny’s chagrin).

Mortimer, the random bard crewman, decided that he would attempt to track down the Drabbit using a portion of the clay that he found in the bunny’s room. This method proved interesting as the group traveled to the lands of Garumor where they again encountered Father Fellfire. They had decided that he wasn’t important when they suddenly remembered that they had seen the priest once before and quickly returned to him.

Lord Fellwind and the Drabbit hire a scribe, a nice fellow named Minsk Fondreavon and they attempt to help a dwarf in the city to remove an axe from a block of ice. Sadly their efforts are not successful so the Drabbit heads off to have Gruel resurrected. Arthes Kren is restored!

Our heroes, with their random luck, learn of a weapon, a sword called Righteousness. When they attempt to acquire the sword they meet some resistance from the other heroes bard. As a result of an effort to locate the heroes from another realm they arrive just as the king of those lands has been slain and meet a wizard who attempts to banish all of them back to Lochlinlea. He is mostly successful except that Mortimer is left behind.

Mortimer is uninterested in dealing with the heroes and so returns to Father Fellfire to attempt to talk him out of the sword. He is able to collect the weapon at the cost of a few platinum pieces and with promises to return the blade when they have finished their work. He also learns that Bahamalor has an amulet capable of corrupting the blade into an evil form.

Anold, frightened by a beetle sent by his god to help him, attempts to smash the beetle. This, however, only results in the destruction of his hammer.

At last they open the golden ball that the drabbit located in the vampire’s coffin and discover a red gem fragment glistening with magical power.

Mortimer traveled to Beldan to attempt to learn more about the sword and found Xinth in the process of removing the books that he had plans to read on his own. Fortunately for Mort the rest of his friends chose that moment to teleport to his location and saved him from facing the lich alone.

They seem to kill Xinth, thank goodness for the Drabbit’s vast knowledge of undead which keeps them informed that the undead master of undead is probably far from dead thanks to the existence of his phylactery.

Here, because another good spot didn’t really present itself, we’ll take a moment to mention that through all of this, the Drabbit has been taking steps to ensure his god status – even going so far as to suggest that he’s already a god. That might have done well if he hadn’t died to that disintegrate spell and needed his brother’s help (good thing he’s an actual god).

Tired of the lich’s taunts they attempt to locate him (at last!), but have trouble doing so through the use of scry magic. Sure that there’s a better way, they purchase a ring of three wishes and spend an evening preparing for the battle that is likely to ensue. When they wake up they enhance their abilities with magic, purchase the necessary weapons and the Drabbit makes an interesting wish.

“I wish for Sky King Star, Arthes Kren, Minsk Fondreven, Arnold Swarz, Lord Samuel Fellwind and Mortimer the Bard to all be in the same room as they phylactery…

We Built This City....
Those are words that I could go without hearing for a long, long time.

Having successfully destroyed the evil overlord of Mechanus the so called “Heroes of Lochlinlea” decide that their time would best be spent engaged in more administrative tasks. They took great pains to mine the golden city that the robot had constructed through the long time collection of his ridiculous fines and, their lust for wealth sated for a time, they returned to Lochlinlea to engage the services of a group of crafty wizards with the goal of constructing a floating city to rival that of Bahamalor’s.

There is some hope, I suppose, that our heroes would continue to do their duty. Not long after their arrival the heroes learned that their former traveling companion Princess Nadia had been kidnapped and they made haste to return to Tyner to effect her rescue once more. The group’s wizard, not one to waste time with identify spells quickly lit a series of candles left behind by the man whom the king assumes is responsible for the princess’s disappearance. Luckily it wasn’t anything too terrible that he summoned. Wait, no, that last sentence was wrong, he found himself face to face with Vecna. Sadly the deity, unable to break the pact put in place by The Architect was only able to leave behind an avatar in the form of Nathanial Drinn, an old acquaintance of the Drabbit (it’s it nice how these things always seem to work out?).

They learned that Nadia had been taken by The Prophet to the prison plane of Carseri and made plans to travel there. When they arrived they met the seemingly kind Father Fellfire and a group of adventurers who traveled with him and were able to procure the unconscious form of the princess whom Father Fellfire had borrowed to persuade Carseri’s ruler to aide them in their own heroic quest.

When they returned they decided that perhaps they should make some plans before they continued to take random actions. They made their way to the airships state of the art meeting facility to find the vampire Edwardo calmly waiting for them. This, however, was clearly a pleasure visit for the vampire came bearing gifts which Gruel happily accepted.

When I said pleasure a moment ago I was only misleading you so that the next part would be slightly more dramatic. Upon opening the box a sickening green light struck Gruel and rendered him into the ashes that we all patiently await to become familiar with. Yeah…he died…again….It’s sad really….

Killing Christmas
Sometimes you have to do bad thing to save the world

Our heroes bent on fixing their past ailments traveled to Mechanus to destroy the evil robot of holiday destruction. With the help of the robots own ordinance they made quick work of the metal man and began to dismantle the golden buildings of the city (made possible by the many fines imposed on visitors). A robot approached them and rebuked them for killing their leader before banishing the heroes back to Lochlinlea.

The End of the Dragon Master
At last some evil is done in...

Arnold began his quest to be a good fellow. And then he entered the Temple of Tew and started to learn of the ways of Tew. This, did not seem like a good idea and so took Arnold to learn of Bahamut (with a little bending of the truth – and a miacle to make him forget the words of Tew – to make Bahamut into a pirate deity Arnold was swayed).

Many of them were given Tewtorials and holy symbols. They learn of missionaries building temples in other cities and that an arm of the Tewtonic knights is active here in this city and of a being named Kauris who Tew would like to visit to be turned into a god.

They venture to another temple of Tew where they meet Vincent Kain, a high priest of Tew. Then they light out for the floating castle of Profian. With the help of an old wizard they are able to locate his floating castle and commence the infiltration. They do a good job until they are discovered by the guards and the alarm is raised alerting the rest of the castle to their arrival.

The fight is difficult and the dragons are summoned but in the end they succeed (even though the Drabbit briefly existed in a form of stoned that Gumba could only dream of) and were able to loot the castle before it began to fall from the sky. As the castle was about to crash they returned to the airship to plot their next attack…

Things on the Agenda according to the Drabbit:
1) Some things that are not my fault happened. We need to fix these things. It really wasn’t my fault.
2) There was the dude in the coffin in the arctic – Xinth.
3) The god in the necropolis place – We have 2 years left until he can bother us – Nerull.
4) Eduardo was a vampire let out of the coffin in Marne
5) Palandralaar
5.5) Profian let of the coffin to save Gruel.
6) Sampson the Whale
7) Evil robot Santa
8) The entire undead city without the god
9) The undead city with the god.
10) That other lich we found in Castle Lianess – Darinus

The Rise of Tew
Because we're not quite evil enough...

The Drabbit in Minotaur form performed a headbut on the heiroglyph covered door causing lightning to issue forth killing Gumba instantly.

The manage to open the door by only setting off the trap one more time and find a trapped room filled with treasure.

Thunderbolt set off a gas trap and the rabbit nearly started him on fire as he attempted to burn away the gas.

They find a mummy and bring him Drizzt to the treasure chamber.

Sky unleashed the vampire and the prince proved that he was “heart-y” by taking an electrified spike to the heart – they continuously healed him until it was over and he collected a powerful magic hammer of spell absorption which Sean coveted.

They gathered much treasure.

Sky gets Gruel back and releases Profian and Palendralar into the world.

Bahamalor tells the others about Sky’s treachery.

Sky dresses up Gruel.

They have a confrontation on the ship. They then gate the ship to celestia with no way to get back.

Bahamut gives Gruel the ability to speak and tells them to break Profian’s staff, stop Palendralaar before he becomes a lich and kill Xinth.

There is a new tower in the city of Tyner when they return indicating the passage of some time. One year has passed.

Gumba teleports them to Minotauris where they find a black onyx made temple with the holy symbol of Tew upon it.

Thunderbolt attacks Uriah
Colter – 20
Tew – 16
Brandon – 14
Steve – 14

Tew teleports them away to the ground. Sky and Thunderbolt have an altercation and Thunderbolt leaves in a fit of anger to wander Celestia.

They begin to explore the temple of Tew.

An A-maze-ing Adventure
Visiting the mazes of Minotaurus.

In a fit of what can only be deemed madness Uriah has undertaken the quest to turn Tew into a god.

The group made their way to Fellhaven and from their to the temple of Minotaurus. They have been having an a-maze-ing time trying to find the clerics that hold the key to the additional maze which they are presently trouping about.

Gumba managed to successfully teleport the airship with his mad skills twice.

As they entered the maze they encountered a basilisk. One of the basilisks is plane shifted to Mechanus. I’m sure that’ll not be a problem later…

They fought a mimic and found the fallen prince and one of his allies. They are able to recover his sword and a journal where he has begun to map the maze. They also have found an iroun flask.

And in the end some minotaurs died the drabbit made a roucous and some boxes cried.

They killed the minotarus. Arnold had some terrible trouble with his hammers.

Meeting with Bahamalor
Good thing the drabbit is already green...

Sky enjoyed some time spent with his brother Bahamalor. He was rather jeleous. "Granan"’s identity was finaly unearthed by the bunny and he began his mad quest to help the drabbit back to his former ways.

Granan learned of Bahamalor’s sadness at Sky’s jelousy. He also learned that there was nothing of worth at the temple of Bahamalor.

Sky is interested in ressurection. He wants to ressurect Sampson, but learns that they have to be on Sigil in order to do so if they want him to be in Sigil. The can collect some of Sampson from the bow of the ship with which they killed him.

The drabbit messed with the Bard’s dragon steak dinner to make it taste like death and or moose poop.

There is another attempt to give Tew voting powers.

The rabbit teleports them to the arctic because he missed the cold (or possibly because his teleportation magic misfired).

Steve made a hut and wouldn’t let any one else in with him.

The rabbit failed again and they found themselves on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

They are on the ship belonging to the Royal Navy of Elbysry. They still don’t know what evil is. They have trouble understanding the concept.

The drabbit helps them complete their map. Their curiosity may be a problem for them.

They scrape Sampson off of the boat, at last. They realize that the cleric is not ready to cast the spell as he has not memorized it. He remembered to get diamond. They then realize that he is an outsider and must be ressurected on Sigil itself. They get some Bahamut cleric to ressurect the whale for 10,000 gp.

They unleash Sampson on Lochlinlea and Uriah smelted more gold.

Tew and Uriah begin to plot how to steal more golden statues from the castle in Tyner.

Thunderbolt told Corellian Lotharian’s priest about evil deities.

The drabbit prays to Bahamut for guidance but gets no answer.

They tell the Bahamut priests abotu Tew and Loth.

Uriah dresses up as a blacksmith and goes to the castle. The guards ask for 600 axes and 200 swords. Sir Osric is the captain of the guard. Steve cases the joint.

The rabbit is unhappy with his visit to Mt Celestia.

Uriah prepares for the castle caper.

The sewer is protected by Abjuration, Conjuration and Transmutation Magic.

Tew and Thunderbolt debate his goodness and then they go to Mt. Olympus. They chat with Zeus. Thunderbolt wants to find Ambrosia.

Zues suggests using the river styx or hades to kill Nerull.

Steve and Tew Kill the Gnome

Brandon is memorizing scry and they want to chase down Xinth…

If We Do Not Learn From the Past...
A Tale of two brothers

Ever the heroes of the realm the saviors of Lochlinlea seek to vanquish the fellow they know as “Granan” with the use of the cleric’s plane shift magic. Their plot is foiled when they learn that the man is incapable of being shifted away from their presence. They decide, upon learning that Granan is incapable of speaking the name of his home plane (let alone his own name), that he can come along with them. There was some question as to Granan’s ability to vote in important matters, but by vote (in which Granan is not allowed to participate) they decide that he should not have a say in the groups decisions.

During all of this Uriah continued his quest to become wealthy through the use of the Tyner bell and acquired clay to produce ingot with “In Uriah We Trust” and “I am the law” engraved on their surface.

Having nothing better to do Sky and Thunderbolt travel back to see Princess Nadia. They are dismayed to learn that she might know Rule of Three, but they discover that she is not evil and preparing an attack on an evil wizard that has plagued her kingdom for many years. She is certain that the heroes of Lochlinlea are not prepared for a conflict with the mage and urges them to avoid involvement.

There is nearly a fishing adventure, but Thunderbolt decides not to display his vast fishing skills in such a way that might make his traveling companions feel jelousy.

They decide that they might, perhaps, be able to find the information that they require in Sigil and so, with Thunderbolt’s help, plane shift to Ygdrisl. They find themselves at the bottom of the great tree and are quickly attacked by a massive fourty foot Naga.

They are able to dispatch the Naga, but a new Naga tears it’s way from the inside of the creature and Sky, in the form of a flesh burrowing might learns that the inside of the Naga’s stomach is filled with thousands of small Naga that will likely replace the outer shell if it is destroyed.

They convince the squirrel denizens of Ygdrisil to show them the way to the portal of Sigil and at the moment that they are about to travel through the gate realize that they have made a terrible mistake. They will have to deal with the loan sharks and Rule of Three if they travel through this door and that is something that they are just not willing to do.

They return to Lochlinea and are at a floating city that they’ve not seen before (This is Baril). They meet the priests of Pelor and hear about the temple of Bahamalor – The high priest of Pelor holds council in this city. They meet bahamlor and he tells the bunny that there are two tests.

Bahamalor gives him a holy symbol after some cryptic conversations. Our heroes now rest in Baril and consider their next move as their airship is presently moored on another continent.

Saving the Princess
Sometimes she is in another castle and sometimes she is just in her blanket...

Seconds after leaving Myrth’s company returning to their ship our heroes have a longing desire to see Myrth to ask more questions and so return to the temple of the Architect. They wish to learn more about the agreement between the gods and discover that the agreement is a contract with two parties—all of the evil deities on one side and The Architect on the other. They are unable to discover if Ambrosia exists somewhere on Lochlinlea.

Hoping to enhance their abilities they decide to help their formerly kidnapped princess to reclaim her kingdom from the evil chancellor. Upon reaching Tyner they teleport, while invisible, into the very room where they were sentenced to life in prison. There they uncover a plot by the chancellor to place the princess on trial for treason and sentence her to death.

The quickly exit the room and make their way to the princess’s chamber. They quickly entrance or ensnare the servants outside of the door and without waiting for Sky to finish his search for traps Thunderbolt throws open the bar from the door and is needled by a poisoned dart in a sensative location. His fortitude, however, allows him to avoid the effect of the poison.

The enter the room and find an unconscious, pale man bound to the chair next to the bed. The are able to revive the fellow and they take him with them to the temple of Bahamut to discern his alignment. He appears to be neutral.

They attempt to discover how he came to be in the princess’s room. He confides that he is not exactly sure how he arrived in the room. When they ask his name he clearly lies and tries out Jack and Rule of Three before settling on Granan.

Thunderbolt scried on the princess and sees her in a crystal in suspended animation floating in the clouds. Having seen a very magical bed in the room on their previous visit they return to continue their investigation. Sky, followed by Arnold and Uriah rest in the bed and quickly disappear leaving “Granan” and Thunderbolt to argue about how to handle the situation.

Granan discovers that only the blanket on the bed is magical and attempts to pack it away in his bag. Thunderbolt, not trusting him, attacks him, but they quickly come to terms with the situation and Granan is allowed to stow the blanket.

They take the blanket to a magic shop and, after convincing the wizard there that they are not terrorists, he identifies the magic on the blanket and is able to release the prisoners including the princess.

At the request of the princess they aquire some provisions (including a ahmmer of shattering for Uriah) and return to the castle where they draw out the evil Chancellor who reveals his true form (a rather large pill bug monster).

After a difficult conflict they dispatch the creature and his guards and are covered in ash when the beast explodes. Thinking to quickly remove the ash from the princess the fledgling cleric quickly casts create water over the princesses head dousing her in many gallons of water. They discover a key where the creature died and are able to release the imprisoned “real” chancellor who dashes off to perform his duties.

As princess Nadia returns to the castle our heroes return to their airship to consider their next opponent in their quest for power.


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