The Legend of Lochlinlea

The Sahuagin and the Pirates
Getting a little evil inside

Thunderbolt Stormfist was absent for this adventure and a rather interesting iron flask appeared in his place. This left our heroes with the opportunity to run a bit amuck without his holy guidance.

Equipped with one of the necessary gems needed to find the proper Temple of Syrinx they were ready to depart for Wyndewick. They decided that the best course of action would be to travel the shortest possible route through the ocean and signed on with a group of pirates. In exchange for their passage the group agreed to help dispatch a group of Sahuagin whom had taken over an island where the rogues were rather interested in digging for a bit of treature.

The passage to the island was fairly uneventful (save a brief encounter with some of the fish men whom they would need to deal with in force on the island). They were, however, successful in their fight and made it to the cave. Five pirates went in with them (none came out again). They made their way past a myriad of terrible traps and Arnold the Gnome acquired a ring from the hand of a skeleton in the bottom of a pit trap that nearly helped him get to his god faster than he might have liked.

Sky King Star, due to his ability to breath underwater, was fortunately the member of the party to land in the drowning room trap, but it was clearly not a difficulty for him. The fireball trap, on the other hand, ruined his lovely fur cloak and left him transformed back to his normal scaly self.

They made their way past four rust monster statues on their way into the final chamber of the cave where Uriah Allistir Heap located a heavily bejeweled crown. They were succesfful at destorying the remaining Sahuagin as well as the giant spider of which they had not been informed.

Upon the completion of their quest they returned to the wooden door that had closed behind them during their struggle. When they opened the door they found themselves staring at four animated rust monster statues….

Ogre Meat and the Mayor's Daughter
Teleportation is not all it's cracked up to be...

Not wanting to make the seven day trek to Ripley our heroes decided to try to find work enough to earn the 600 gold pieces needed to pay the bill to be teleported by the mages in the wizard tower.

Sky King Star and Xerith Narinth went out on the town to see if they could find any work. They learned that the mayor’s daughter had recently been kidnapped by ogres and that he would gladly pay 100 gold pieces for her safe recovery.

They returned to the inn where there friends were still discussing what they should do next. They were quite surprised when a gnome with a hammer was thrown into the bar and his badger named Snake followed. Sky King Star, in his peculiar way, befriended the gnome (after a fashion) and convinced him that he would need to be of service to them in dealing with the ogres. The gnome introduced himself as Arnold the Gnome.

They left on horses to go and deal with the ogres at their encampment some six miles outside of town and within the hour arrived to find the mayor’s daughter tied to a stake and the ogres preparing for a massive fire around her.

Thunderbolt Stormfist convinced Xerith Narinth and the others that it would be best to reason with the ogres rather than dispatching them. A task which he found difficult as he first asked that the ogres provide them with some of the meat pre-cooked rather than before cooking which nearly caused the ogres to go mad with delight that a human would want to consume one of their own. A bit of fast talking saved the say though and the ogres agreed to accept an equal weight of meat in exchange for the living version that they were about to turn into their supper.

Thunderbolt Stormfist and Uriah Allistir Heep left on the horses to go back to town to buy meat while Badger Nidas attempted to track down a deer.

Arnold the Gnome and Sky King Star set up a small base of operations and cooked a large black rabbit (which turned out to be the pet of the mayor’s daughter) that Snake had managed to capture and kill.

Badger Nidas attempted to woo a deer, but his natural prowess turned out to be not as powerful as he might like. In the end he had to rely on Mushroom, his wolf, to finish the deer which he sloppily cut up and dragged back to his friends.

In the city thunderbolt | Thunderbolt Stormfist]] and Uriah Allistir Heep bought several pounds of a “rare and exquisite” meat from the butcher who claimed it was from some sort of animal that they had never heard of. The price was right though so they didn’t as too many questions. They returned to the base camp as Badger Nidas returned with the deer.

They saved the girl by getting meat and brought her back to the Mayor whom fed them dinner and paid them 100 gold pieces. Learning of their quest for money so that they could be teleported he told them about some Vampires that live in another plane accessed through the cemetery close to the mountains just to the north of Lianess. They could get 1,000 gp for recovering the Sword of Cass from a pair of vampires.

Sky King Star got a fur coat.

Feeling that they would be unable to defeat the vampires they decided to forgo additional expenditures of time and begin the seven day journey. They left Lianess and traveled 7 days to the Ripley. The only difficulty along the path was a brief stop in the city of Um where they were certain that the villagers were being harassed by a werewolf, but Thunderbolt Stormfist’s bold approach to addressing the problem with the village elder got them sent on their way without being able to help.

In Ripley they were able to quickly locate the Temple of The Architect. With a bit of searching around they found a fount and by tossing a gold coin into the crystal device they were able to summon a man named Myrth whom is the keeper of the temple. He, upon learning of their quest, agreed to give them the orb that they sought if they would make an oath that on pain of death they would only remove the gem from the temple. They and their animal companions all agreed to this oath. Should any one of them remove any artifact from the temple they will all perish.

They now have two cities to visit from which to obtain orbs. The orb that they acquired is black in color.

A Piece of Syrinx
On the handling of prophecy and the entrance of evil...

Our group of travelers left Beldan in the company of Xerith Narinth and his bardic traveling companions aboard a small ferry. The journey across the small stretch of ocean was uneventful and they arrived in Fleetsend.

The group split up to search the city to see what they could learn about the location of the Syrinx gem on Dritile. Uriah Allistir Heep made his way to the massive bard college that looks to be a fully function giant flute. Ringing the gong he was greeted by Simon Bellaphonte and taken to see the eldest of the bards, a man named Mortimer the Ancient. He had the patience to carry on a conversation with Mortimer the Ancient and was rewarded with information concerning the location of the gem that they seek. Twixt the towns of Wyndewick, Ripley, and Kingsbury in the forests of Lorm there rests The Temple of Syrinx which can be found by triangulation to a certain extent.

Armed with this knowledge, and knowing that elves would be most helpful in finding a temple in the forest Uriah Allistir Heep made his way to a nearby elven encampment. A short chat with a jeweler named Vance revealed that the gem is only worth about 200 gp, but the man agreed that he might pay as much as 1,000 gp if he were able to look upon the gem. He was able to advise that there are a great many temples in the forests of Lorm and all of them are identical. Only by arriving at the correct location does one have any hope of finding the Gem of Syrinx. He also pointed out that even if one were to arrive at the correct temple one would still have to deal with the protections put in place by the protectors of the gem a very long time ago.

Still unsatisfied Uriah Allistir Heep made his way to the tent of the elders in the midst of the encampment where he was introduced to Tsvongla. She informed him that he and his friends served her best in their present course of action and that he would be able to find the correct temple, but only by visiting the three cities and locating the The Temples of The Architect which are great white marble constructs in each city. There an orb can be obtained and with the three orbs brought together they will be able to find the correct location of the temple.

Returning to his companions he located Sky King Star, Thunderbolt Stormfist, and Xerith Narinth waiting at the inn with no new information to report save that Thunderbolt Stormfist had located a jewelry shop in the city that boasted a few magical stones. Thunderbolt Stormfist and Xerith Narinth made a quick trip to the shop, but on closer inspection discerned that the gems that he possessed were of a protective nature around his door, but that he could also produce minor amulets of protection for 3,000 gp each and amulets of truth detection for 200 gp each. Xerith Narinth bought a small quanity of pearls.

Armed with this new knowledge and with Uriah Allistir Heep keeping a tight lip on a great deal fo the information that he had gleaned the party traveled on to Lianess. Shortly after leaving the city and entering the wood they happened upon a group of pixies torturing a gnome that was hanging from a tree. Uriah Allistir Heep fascinated the pixies and in short order they were in possession of the gnome (Badger Nidas) and his rather large dog creature named Mushroom and back on their way down the path. There was a slight altercation with a group of Kobalds on the path to Lianess which ended with a fireball launched by Xerith Narinth and grave warnings from Thunderbolt Stormfist that Xerith Narinth and his companions had dramatically changed the climate of their realm by their arrival and subsequent actions. They traveled further onward and the only other moment of note on the way to Lianess was a brief meeting with a group of dwarves led by a rather surley dwarf named Brigadoon on their way to Winterdorn for a festival.

The rest of the five day journey happened without a hitch and they made it to Lianess. There they discovered a wizard tower with no door where they intended to inquire about the location of the Syrinx gem. Only Sky King Star and Xerith Narinth were able to make the trip to the top of the tower and gain access. Once inside they learned of the location of the gem and the method by which it might be discovered. They were offered a teleportation of their group to Ripley for a mere 600 gp.

Weary from their time of travel the travelers settled in for a night of resting in the common room of the inn. As they sat and quietly discussed their plans to depart the door to the inn swung open and the scent of rotted meat washed over them as a stranger in a black cowl entered the inn. Throwing back his hood he revealed a gaunt white face and scraggly white hair. The man walked to their table and sat down. He was quickly identified as the avatar of Nerull, a very evil deity. The avatar advised them that they were rather further behind than he would have imagined, but that he had been sent and given leave to enter the plane (though to do no evil acts while here) in order to place them on notice. They would have 80 days to arrive at the city of Deaconshawe in the vast Northern Wastes. They were chosen, he said, as the group of people best suited to represent their realm in the inquest (The Council of Worms) that was to take place to determine the status of evil in their lands. He cautioned that to do anything but side with he and his allies would be to allow the sublimination of their world by good and that they would soon begin to feel the effects of the bargain that was made between The Architect and the evil deities of old long ago. He also warned that, should they fail to attend, the decision would be made in favor of evil and that he hoped that they would simply not bother to arrive.

The man stood and he dropped to the floor and was seen departing the inn as a hoard of rats leaving our heroes to ponder how best to complete their current task and make it to Deaconshawe in time for the Council of Worms.

The Adventure Begins
Session 1 - The Wayward Heroes

We can not yet call them heroes, but out friends Uriah Allistir Heep, Sky King Star, and Thunderbolt Stormfist took their first lap around the world so to speak.

Sky King Star was born and after 10 days with his mother, a charming rabbit named Portencia, she was caught in a snare and died before his eyes. He mourned her passing and set about destroying the other traps set by a hunter looking to make some rabbit stew. The hunter, a wizard, found the set off traps and Sky King Star made his presence known. After admonishing the hunter for killing his mother and receiving an apology the rabbit, trusting in the will of Bahamut, traveled with the wizard to meet his friends (some elven bards and a couple of archers) at their caravan which was headed to Beldan.

Uriah Allistir Heep after a night of so-so performing in a city tavern left to head back to his own place of slumber. He noticed the caravan entering the city and exchanged words with the bards who were driving (offering them sound musical advice). He learned that they would be performing the following evening at the very inn where he was staying—The Sleepy Willow. Everyone returned to the inn in time for a thunderstorm to begin and was drenched. Uriah Allistir Heep and Sky King Star encountered each other for the first time and got off on the wrong foot.

Thunderbolt Stormfist arrived with a crash of…well thunder…and the rabbit managed to get him to go speak with Uriah Allistir Heep where they ended up learning about the quest to locate a piece of the Syrinx machine which was sent to this world to protect it form evil (since evil is not allowed here). Apparently the wizard conned some good folks into going in after it for him. The group agreed that they would help the half-orc, who finally introduced himself as Xerith Narinth and decided to retire for the evening. They would spend one more day in Beldan so that the bards could perform the next evening and take the ferry to Dritile the following morning.


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