character creation rules

Stat generation:

Please choose one of the following array of stats (six numbers in one row) and assign the stats to your character as you see fit (These are common arrays of stats chosen when using the point buy system with 32 points):


If you can’t talk yourself into one of the above stat arrays I may entertain other stat arrays genrated using the point buy system spending only 32 points.


We’ll begin play at level 1. Don’t worry you’ll get enough XP to level (probably from the first session if all goes well.


All races available in the PHB are available. A few monster races are open for consideration. If you are not sure if the race you would like to play qualifies please check before your proceed with character creation.


You may begin as any non-evil alignment. There may come a time when evil is allowed, but this remains to be seen and will depend greatly on the choices your characters make.

Starting Equipment

You’ll each begin play with one randomly generated magical item that suits your character and 300 pieces of gold with which to purchase the things that you want your character to have at the start of the campaign.

Character Background

A paragraph about your character or a short story to convey your character’s persona will be helpful. I’ll grant XP based on the level of detail and effort for your background or character sketch.

You don’t all need to know each other before the start of the game. We’ll find a way to bring you all together that works with the story.

If you have not already done so make sure to review the background story. Most of it is considered myth taught to children. But enough of it is true to have an impact on the future of your characters.


character creation rules

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