The Legend of Lochlinlea

The Correct Syrinx Temple

Dealing with Death

Our heroes left Nerull and traveled for a day. They slept. In the night the dogs were rendered unconscious by brownies – they were forced to track them to a very large tree as the the seeking orb had been stolen.

Arnold the Gnome broke down the door.

Uriah Allistir Heap grew impatient with the brownies and used a burst of sound on the tree which rendered the brownies and the door guard quite dead. They were able to retrieve a bit of treasure and the gem before continuing on to the forest of Lorm.

At the mention of a rediculously dead bard they were attacked by an arrow weilding undead.

Uriah Allistir Heap died to the sniper zombie – they were able to kill the 4 armed beast and his zombie friends. This was somehow Arnold the Gnome’s fault – it was not very thrilling!

Uriah Allistir Heap was ressurected by the Staff of Life. They used the three locator gems.

Arnold the Gnome used his hammer to powder 400 SP so that Thunderbolt Stormfist could make holy water. They have 19 vials of holy water now.

Badger Nidas was bitten by a zombie and nearly at Mushroom. He was restored while he is eating maggoty meat and he runs about vomiting for a while.

They tried to open the temple – all of Arnold the Gnome’s things were shattered.

Uriah Allistir Heap touched the wall and an earth elemental was summoned which they destroyed.

They found with the light of the orbs three buttons which opened the door.

They went in and Sky King Star tripped the word of chaos which banished the rest of Xerith Narinth’s companions – and killed Sky King Star and Thunderbolt StormfistXerith Narinth once again utilized the staff of life.

The found that the tiles in the temple came up and located a symbol in the middle – Uriah Allistir Heap broke through with his staff.

They wait for the sun to come down and find the correct gem.

Xerith Narinth left immediately.

Leaving the party on their own. The orbs skyrocket away after they left the temple.


The adventure log seems so choppy. Sleepy writer syndrome.

The Correct Syrinx Temple

................................. The Five Star Journal.................................

Sky King Star is upset about dying. This is the second time he has been poofed from existence. At least this time around, he came back with his companions. Xerith double crossed him though. He had agreed to take him along to Fire Deep. Sky King Star now awaits the time when he is able to cast the powerful seventh tier spells. He remembers all too fondly how useful Plane Shift was in his previous life. He must find Xerith and confront him. After all, Xerith did murder his mother.

The Correct Syrinx Temple

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