Anna is an Aasimar (Planetouched) Champion (i.e. NG paladin) of the god Bahamalor and a Windrider.


Anna has recently converted to the teachings of Bahamalor, yet is still leery of 2 of her dubious companions.


Lady Shannauri Amanodel, Champion of Ao, Child of the Light, Blessed Ameliator of the Lost High Temple of Ao, and Windrider of the noble Aire’Naie of the olin’thara herd, has recently found herself in another plane of existance without Aire’Naie, her bonded Half-Celestial Unicorn mount, and Abe, her Holy Avenger. After hearing that one of the people she found herself in company with has let loose evil into the world, she could only assume that Ao brought her to this world for a reason. However, she has found that Ao has no hold in this realm and may not have access to it, so she is now unsure of how or why exactly she was brought her. Now in company of a Dragon-Rabbit who thinks he is a god, a powerful non-evil undead and an evil man of unknown race, Anna finds herself in a dubious situation.


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