Sky King Star

Half Bunny/Dragon - All the smallness of a bunny, with the scales and tongue of a dragon - He doesn't have wings (at least not yet)


In a distant plane, beneath the treetops of a lush forest, dwelled a small bunny. Unaware of the vast world outside of his tiny bubble of existence, he bathed in the rays of the warm sun, and happily nibbled upon the forest vegetation. He was perfectly content to live about his life in this manor, until one day, he encountered a strange creature. The creature, whom he later discovered was a vampire, took him in and cared for him. Ignorant to the true evil nature of the vampire, the bunny felt safe, and happily accepted his embrace. After a period of time, the vampire crafted an item for the bunny, which began to awaken his sentience. The bunny began to feel a plethora of new feelings and emotions. All of these new feelings were overwhelming and almost unbearable to the bunny. Now, more than ever, he needed the vampire if he hoped to survive in this big world. The bunny never left his side, and in turn, the vampire strived to awaken more of the bunnies mind. In so, teaching him to harness the art of sorcery.

The bunny spent many years traveling about with the vampire. Over time, the bunny began to realize that not only were many of the vampire’s actions wrong, but incredibly evil. Many long talks ensued between the vampire and the bunny. Each seeing the others point of view, yet not fully understanding it. As much as the bunny disapproved of the vampire’s behavior, he could not find it in his heart to leave him. After all, the vampire created him. Not figuratively, but literally. Odd as it may be, he was like a father to him. He was once a simple minded herbivore, combing the forest floor for foliage. But now, life was so much more than Mull Berries and Forb Leaves. He had will. He had the power to make decisions and take upon tasks of significance. No longer was the bunny just another moving part in the machine that is life. For that, he loved the vampire, and the vampire loved him.

The bunny and the vampire did battle with a dastardly evil cleric, who desired above all else, to control all of the planes of the multiverse. The battle was long and grueling, but the vampire proved to be too much for the cleric. As the vampire moved in for the killing blow, the evil cleric saw his window for revenge, and proceeded to amass all of his remaining power. With his final breath, the evil cleric thrust forward his left hand, emanating a dark wave of pure evil towards the bunny.

The bunny lost his life that day. With it, died a great love, a bond, a friendship; One that most could not possibly comprehend.

Years passed by, the vampire never ceasing in his attempts to resurrect his friend. Unbeknown to the vampire, the great Platinum Dragon God, Bahamut, had a role to play in these events. Bahamut had met the bunny on several choice encounters while traveling with the vampire and Bahamut was very fond of the little bunny. It amazed him that one so small, could have a heart so big. The bunny had proven that love was the gift that could be given to anyone, regardless of race, ideals, or creed; even in the case of good and evil. The bunny gave Bahamut hope. Hope that had long been lost in his observance of mortal societies and their constant strive for dominance of one another. For this, Bahamut rescued the poor soul of the bunny. He wanted to give him another chance; A chance for a new life, in a new world. So Bahamut sent the bunny far away, to a land devoid of the evils and villainy that plagued the world in which he was born. Bahamut decided to reincarnate the bunny in his image, as a Half-Dragon/Half-Bunny. The bunny would now be able to do Bahamut’s work and spread good to the land, while retaining his bunny heritage, which he was always so proud of.

As the bunny sits in his new timberland home, in his new Half-Dragon/Half-Bunny form, he ponders his next course of action. Does he chase the dream of a past life with an old friend? Does he seek council from Bahamut? Or does he start life anew, with new challenges and adventures?

Sky King Star

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